Tried to fix sound, now can't boot!

I recently installed a fresh Fedora 38 on my Dell XPS L322X laptop. While attempting to fix another issue which has come up several times on several forums recently (no sound) I reinstalled pipewire and tried to reboot from the terminal. Unfortunately my computer is now stuck at the GRUB bootscreen menu. To make matters worse, I can now neither turn my computer off (by holding down the power button) nor select the kernel and load the OS. I’d take the battery out but it isn’t removable, so I’m just frozen at the selection. I’d appreciate any help getting out of this situation so I can try installing a new OS from USB.

Link to inxi output:…59#post1874459

Can you edit the command line at this point when viewing this menu? You may be able to select the rescue boot option since this is a new install it will be “fresh”.