Translations not working properly in F37 Kinoite after fresh installation

After fresh installation, some applications were only partially translated - eg. Kwrite had some menu entries in Polish and some in English.

After switching languages back and forth in KDE settings, the problem is even worse. Eg. Kwrite is now completely in English and when I try to force another language in Kwrite’s settings, only en_US is available.

I tried overlaying langpack packages etc., but to no avail.

Parts of KDE are still in Polish, but I can’t pinpoint what exactly is missing and what not.

Are there any manual steps necessary to make localization working on Kinoite?

Another observation I made is that Konsole started from application menu is in English, but Konsole started from CLI using another Konsole instance is in Polish.

It looks like fresh installation from ISO does not have this problem and only after doing rpm-ostree upgrade translations are wrong. Even for latest the deployment with KDE 5.27.

Issue filed at Issue #392: Kinoite: KDE translations partially don't work - SIG -

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