"*-transition" tags

Following a previous discussion on “how to handle off topic things tangent to Fedora”, I now started to tag things where users struggle to get stuff from macOS as “macos-transition”.

There also will be “windows-transition” and likely other Linux distros.

I think that makes sense to mark things where people need help getting off that stuff, and on to Fedora.


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Added suggestion and removed macos-transition, windows-transition

I think there is just coming way too much tags on everything now makes things even more complicated and tagged hell.

Keep things simple makes everything better

So, what is the intent of that? I’m asking on both points, the tag first since it is the topic, but also asking about what MacOS stuff you are referring to? I think that anyone moving off of one paid for OS or another to a Linux distribution like Fedora, is very likely to understand that it ain’t gonna be the same thing, or they should at least understand that. First, and simply, Linux is a different beast from many perspectives, not the least of which is the difference across the various distributions. Due to it’s own evolution through the efforts of various open source projects and communities such as Fedora, it has many permutations of deployment. This by itself is a “perception problem” for the new comer, but it (the open source way) also is there for the new comer asking for support, as we know and are actively involved with some form of support for them here. But we’re not the same as a paid for department of customer support, and even though I would like to see everyone have a smooth transition, I do feel some of the new comers to Linux (and Fedora) need to do some more reading/digging to find their answer on their own. They need to learn that Linux is different.

What’s the downside?

I can see someone who is particularly interested / motivated in helping people move from MacOS following that tag… or, people who don’t care choosing to mute it.

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Well I guess no downside might be just me trying to keep up on all tags and personally seen so many new tags coming so maybe getting tired and confused on all tags and thinking too much tags makes things more complicated.

I might be only one thinking like this so just pointed my opinion

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That’s fair too!

I just found some posts where people struggled to get their data off of strange proprietary formats etc. Or installing Fedora on Macs, or many other things.

Maybe “getting started with Fedora as a mac user”, so many things.

So I think having such tags is useful.