Trackpad completely misbehaving

I have been using fedora from 6 to 8 months with no issues but from the last month i have used fn+f10 key to disable my trackpad and been exclusively using an external wireless mouse.

I am not exactly sure but after a kernel update my trackpad started misbehaving, randomly triggering context menus with a high fire rate. So as soon as it appears and i press escape it reappears asap. Similarly while moving the cursor on screen, context menu appears and as I was moving the cursor anyways something gets selected from the context menu and my workflow gets disrupted. I was expecting the entire month that someone else might figure out the problem and get it fixed from the upstream as i don’t know kernel development.

I cannot confirm or deny that this is a kernel problem but i am suspecting it to be one.

Tap to click and 2 finder scrolling are buggy sometimes
I am using xorg
I have all the latest updates installed

I never experienced this sort of problem on any distro i previously used or after installing fedora.
This problem suddenly showed up

Does the same thing on happen wayland?