Touchscreen does not work as intended

Hi Ive been trying to get my laptop running with linux but the input drives me crazy.
My touchscreen does not work as it should.
First of all it does register the position of a finger movement and moves the cursor accordingly, however it does not translate a tap / click so its unusable.
Xinput test show that the button press is registered but it does only work in apps e.g. Firefox and not on the task bar e.g. pressing the Fedora logo.
That also translates to the login screen and the virtual keyboard , its just impossible to use it as it only translates hovers / movements and no clicks.
The only time the virtual keyboard works is after I log out and want to log back in, not on initial startup after reboot. Sometimes and external mouse also refuses to make clicks. ‘Onboard’ on the other hand works just like normal apps but I cannot make it run on the startup login screen which is a pain.

Fedora 31 KDE Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet Rev 1

thanks for any help

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