Touchpad & Touchscreen Glitchy under Fedora 31

Hi there I apologise sincerely if this is the wrong forum. However I’ve just made the switch from mac to Linux (Fedora 31) and I’m having a problem whereby say every two startups my touchpad or touchscreen wont respond.
Sometimes the touchscreen only will respond, at the moment the touchpad is working OK but when I shut down and start up again who knows?
I know nothing at all about code, but have learnt a lot since installing Linux and have been doing a little digging. I think it has something to do with Wayland (whatever that is) after running xinput list command.

Maybe I’m getting waaaay ahead of myself but I just want to sort this problem out.

Thanks for any help

Is it persist in Xorg-session?

Are logs show any hardware issues?

Your may also try another distro. Sometimes it helps. It is important to not waste time fighting the glitches within the new OS itself, when your are exploring it.

Thanks very much for the reply
I’ve been told to press the gear icon when logging in but on my system there isn’t one so I can’t switch?

It’s just taken 3 log in attempts to get the touch pad working

Here is a screen shot of the logs

My neighbors have fun, so i am not sleeping :slight_smile:
Press your login icon, and the password prompt will appear, along with the gear.

About the logs, i have no idea. I am an mere user. If your consider to report the bug, your may be interested in the dmesg -H and journalctl -b -0 (latter may contain private data).

How about there, in touch settings:

Sounds mad, but possible related? After all, in unix all is the file…

Found the Gear icon, I’m now using Gnome under Xorg. I’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for the help