Touchpad not working in Fedora 36

My external USB touchpad is recognised but not working in Fedora 36.

It does work out of the box in Windows, MacOS and UEFI/BIOS.
It also works when livebooting into ElementaryOS 6.1 and Ubuntu 20 but not 22.

In Fedora 36 it is recognised as a touchpad where I can configure it in Mouse & Touchpad settings but it does not respond whatsoever. No pointer movements, no gestures etc.
It’s also found in xinput and libinput device lists as “Nuvoton”.

In Elementary and Ubuntu 20 where it does work it’s found as “Nuvoton Touchpad”.

I’ve tried both X11 & Wayland. No difference.

This is the touchpad:

Any ideas?


@mustigkurre Hi.
I have the same issue( I tried everything, but no use. Please share with me the solution if you have.
I also use Elementary OS, Fedora and Pop_OS.
I appreciate your any help.
Thanks in advance.

Note that fedora 36 is past EOL and no longer has any support. If you are running a newer version then please open your own new thread with enough info for us to assist.
Also note that the original post here got no responses, probably because there was little information about hardware and nothing else except that it was f36.