Touchpad gestures work after "restart" but not after "shutdown"+"turning on"

Whenever I shutdown my laptop, and then turn it on touchpad gestures, like two finger scrolling and multifinger gestures, stop working. Clicking and moving the cursor works as normal.
This doesn’t happen when I do a restart. To fix it, I again have to restart the laptop.

I am using Fedora 40 KDE on Thinkpad E14 Gen2. I also faced this issue when I was on F39 KDE.

Strange issue, this might be kernel related?

Is there a difference between kargs or drivers loaded? Kargs may be applied in grub only when starting but not when rebooting?

Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you are saying, can guide me, what data do you need and how would I be able to get it?

This was not a question to you, I myself dont know the solution.

It may be that GRUB is adding some kernel arguments on boot, and that GRUB is skipped when doing a reboot.

But I dont use Fedora KDE (I use Kinoite) so I dont know if this is true