Touch screen dell venue pro

Ive read that Fedora is the best suited for touch screen interfaces, is this true? I have a dell venue 10 pro 5055 and after the last update the pen and touch is no longer working and i have tried everything, even with microsoft assistance. Next step to not waste a good machine on bad software, look to a linux distro

Please list the “everything” steps you claim to have tried. We have no idea what steps you may even have considered let alone tried and without details of the problem and what you may have tried we cannot know what the situation is.

Also, why would you consider microsoft support to be a potential fix for a fedora linux problem? That is so far out in left field it is not even conceivable.

You may give us some info by posting the output of inxi -Fzxx so we can see the hardware and drivers involved.

I have been on live Remote desktop share with Microsoft twice. hours well Spent . I did live dignostics with Dell. alt passes built in system tests passed SfC scannow. I have scoured theweb for a driver to no Avail. so I started to Lookto my favorite OS, Linux. and hhappened across a few Postings about Fedora Gnome being great distro for touch interfaces

Ive installed Worktation. But the on screen keyboard does not always work. In particular on the password screen after boot