Tools/applications written in Rust

Hello @jcampbell, Zola is now available everywhere starting from F29! :champagne:

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Veloren is an open-world, open-source multiplayer voxel RPG. The game is in an early stage of development, but is playable.

A tool to analyze file system usage written in Rust.


nushell - Modern shell written in Rust

A modern, GitHub-era shell written in Rust.

It requires rust-nightly but i did temporary COPR package for now.

Here is a good list of them:

We packaged starship. At this moment for Rawhide and soon will be avaliable for F31. Thanks to @eclipseo @ignatenkobrain

To install: sudo dnf install starship

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:package: i3status-rs packaged.

sudo dnf install i3status-rs

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News Flash

The spiritual successor to FeedReader.

Temporary package in :package: Copr.

procs looks really nice
and useful “A modern replacement for ps”

Procs are quite reactive : they provide RPM, because " studied flatpak release, but it seems to be complicated…"

Not sure if this is in scope, but can these packages be published to CentOS, too? As Rust packages are self-contained, I guess they should just work™ – or am I wrong here?

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So here we have some problem. We are not vendoring crates in our Rust packaging, which means you need to package hundreds of other packages before you can get your app packaged. For that, we also use features which exist only in RPM 4.15+ (which means F31+). About RHEL8, I think it has RPM 4.14 so we can’t do that either.

Ah bummer. CentOS indeed has RPM v4.14. Maybe Stream or 8.2 will bring 4.15 at some point.

tealdeer :+1:

Teloxide packaged for Rawhide.

Description: An elegant Telegram bots framework for Rust.

dua-cli packaged for Rawhide.

Description: dua (-> Disk Usage Analyzer ) is a tool to conveniently learn about the usage of disk space of a given directory. It’s parallel by default and will max out your SSD, providing relevant information as fast as possible.

tealdeer packaged for F31+.

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Once CentOS 8.x or 9 has a recent enough version of RPM, I wonder if we should just bulk-branch our Rust crates for CentOS? We should check how many packagers are interested in supporting this – I’m happy to be counted in, as we currently have to roll our own packages for certain Rust utilities like ripgrep.

Could we have rust-analyzer? I don’t know if vscode users can install it via the ide if using rust from fedora repos, but emacs users can’t.

tre, known as tre-command in Crates. It’s an improved tree command that lets you open files listed in the diagrams as a follow-up action.