Toolbox run startup is slow

I am testing Silverblue since last weekend and although I figured how to configure a lot of stuff, one issue I have is the slowness of toolbox run. what can be done to speed this up ?
i.e. I have mako installed via rpm-ostree and I use play (from the sox package) to play a sound when a notification appears. As sox is installed in a container I run toolbox run play ... but there is a delay of >1 sec before the sound actually starts playing.
of course I can put sox into an ostree layer, but that would be against the idea of silverblue

Hello @ecocode ,
I’m not sure but have you tried to just use pw-play from the command line? It’s included with the default install of Fedora Linux Silverblue. pw-play --volume=0.05 <soundfile.ogg/flac>. Or using the builtin Gnome notification system available through settings.

Thank you for the idea! This solves the current issue :slight_smile:
However, I make heavy usage of toolbox run for other stuff, like launching emacsclient from my emacs container where I run emacs --daemon. That also has a slow startup…

Maybe my toolboxes can be made faster ? Not sure if using podman instead of toolbox can speed things up…