Toolbox list fails after rpm-ostree upgrade


After running rpm-ostree upgrade, toolbox enter fails with the following:

$ toolbox -v list
toolbox: resolved absolute path for /usr/bin/toolbox to /usr/bin/toolbox
toolbox: TOOLBOX_PATH is /usr/bin/toolbox
toolbox: checking if ‘podman system migrate’ exists
toolbox: migration not needed: 1.3.1 is unchanged
Error: invalid filter syntax label=com.redhat.component=fedora-toolbox
toolbox: failed to list images with com.redhat.component=fedora-toolbox

How to reproduce:

  1. Install Silverblue 30
  2. run rpm-ostree upgrade
  3. systemctl reboot
  4. toolbox -v create
  5. toolbox -v list

This is a known issue with podman 1.3.1

See the Troubleshooting doc for a workaround.