Toolbox error after latest upgrade

After the upgrade to version 39.20240207.0 (2024-02-07T00:59:32Z), I get the following error:

$ toolbox enter
Error: failed to update Podman version in migration stamp file

Any suggestions?

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That’s coming from toolbox itself - toolbox/src/cmd/root.go at c3403dae8cb0544ecaa94abdcd5eb3c896851b90 · containers/toolbox · GitHub

It looks like it failed to write out the stamp file at the final stage of the migration.

The stamp file should be in your toolbox config directory at /home/<user>/.config/toolbox/podman-system-migrate (if you are using defaults)

I would poke around in that location and see if that file is there or if the directory is writable etc. Maybe check the journal for any errors related to SELinux.

cc: @rishi

Yes, @miabbott is right. Thanks for the poke, by the way!

You can try to run it with --verbose, because it will show you exactly which file it’s trying to write to and what:

$ toolbox --verbose enter

I tried it out on a freshly installed Fedora 39 Silverblue virtual machine:

$ rpm-ostree status
State: idle
● fedora:fedora/39/x86_64/silverblue
                  Version: 39.20240207.0 (2024-02-07T00:59:32Z)
               BaseCommit: ce4ead3147f7902b12b5eacc1ede905c5ccbc05518ca981b6bdc57d32e929073
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by E8F23996F23218640CB44CBE75CF5AC418B8E74C
          LayeredPackages: langpacks-en

                  Version: 39.1.5 (2023-10-31T22:06:37Z)
                   Commit: 3f6c3c54e77690b576ced4cf01528b8415a691bcf5afbe5df203b046ff396c67
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by E8F23996F23218640CB44CBE75CF5AC418B8E74C

… but failed to reproduce it. I encourage you to file an issue upstream if you think Toolbx is doing something wrong here.

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Thank you both, @miabbott and @rishi.

It seems I had shot-self-in-foot with a recursive chmod, removing write permission on the podman-system-migrate file. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the toolbox --verbose tip.


I am glad you managed to figure it out. :slight_smile: