Toolbox doesn’t start due to lack of /etc/localtime


When I try to use the toolbox I get an error as follows:

[core@fcos ~]$ toolbox enter
Error: invalid entry point PID of container fedora-toolbox-38

When I use Podman to start and attach to the container I get this message:

Error: /etc/localtime points to unknown location

After some googling I realize the issue has to do with the fact the /etc/localtime does not exist by default on CoreOS and to fix it I can use timedatectl to set a localtime zone.

I wanted to ask if this could be fixed so that out of the box, toolbox works without bringing up an error.

Thank you.

I was able to start a toolbox container on a fresh FCOS system without /etc/localtime, so I don’t think that’s the issue:

$ cosa run --qemu-image fedora-coreos-38.20230722.3.0-qemu.x86_64.qcow2
Fedora CoreOS 38.20230722.3.0

Last login: Fri Aug 18 08:56:51 2023
[core@cosa-devsh ~]$ toolbox create
Image required to create toolbox container.
Download (500MB)? [y/N]: y
Created container: fedora-toolbox-38
Enter with: toolbox enter
[core@cosa-devsh ~]$ toolbox enter

Welcome to the Toolbox; a container where you can install and run
all your tools.

 - Use DNF in the usual manner to install command line tools.
 - To create a new tools container, run 'toolbox create'.

For more information, see the documentation.

⬢[core@toolbox ~]$ 
[core@cosa-devsh ~]$ ls -alh /etc/localtime
ls: cannot access '/etc/localtime': No such file or directory

Are you sure you’re not running into Rootless containers cannot be started: RLIMIT_NPROC error · Issue #1507 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub ?

Perhaps that is the issue but I’m not sure. I suppose it’s a bug that should be fixed in the next upgrade then?