KDEPIM for CentOS 8 and RHEL 8. ========================== Use these packages as a stand-in until the KDE SIG adds them to EPEL-playground. What currently works? ------------------------------- KMail and Korganizer are currently built, packaged and working. Rest of Kontact/PIM suite may be added. And there's more! ------------------------- As a bonus, includes bits that are currently missing/broken and required to install some KDE SIG packages on CentOS (such as poppler-qt5 for okular). What if there's no changelog message? ------------------------------------------------------ PACKAGERS: If a SPEC file has been modified, but there is no changelog message detailing the change to the upstream RHEL/Fedora/Kolab srpm, check to see if a build dependency for perl-generators has been automagically commented out: \# BuildRequires: perl-generators Until RHBZ 1595854 is made public, I don't want to sign my name to any solution or workaround.

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