To remove panel

how do i remove the app panel? Shows a menu like smartphone.

Its hard to respond when there are too many unknowns
For example … What do you mean by App Panel? Which menu is like Smartphone?


Like this.d7165f8c25dcc951daa2a11aa705554ff44fa20c.png

I’m afraid that doesn’t help much either. Where is that? In Gnome or KDE or an app or here in AskFedora?

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the problem is on KDE F30.

You should it disponible to delete this panels or widgets without problem, Becouse is about KDE configuration, I leave you 2 links which explain the KDE configuration options very well, with this you should be able to delete / add any element of the desktop environment. (comment : you need unlock panel to add/delete components)


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Thanks. It worked. Is simple and interesting.

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