To engage the future generations

Hi! I have read this post right here:

And decided to give my opinion:

I think that we can engage the youth little by little, instead of making a massive hop into the void by throwing something overwhelming like: “The security of our OS” or something like that on a gen-z-er’s screen, we can be assured that the content will be immediately swiped out.
My honest idea, is that a young person will be more than curious and amazed to explore new possibilities, rather than an elder person that has problems with basic tasks like printing, the first one could be engaged by something “strong” like a gaming comparison between fedora and windows, or the GUI differences between the two systems, or even the FOSS achievements like krita or blender, with maybe some backgrounds or context to it, we can make different channels like: “LinuxArts”, “GamingInFreddom” or maybe “TechShowcase”, showcasing what we can do, and eccetera.

My basic idea is that the Greta Thumberg’s generation has the power to change the way of computing and the way we live, but we need to share the idea little by little and have a solid idea on how to do it, because the algorithms are against us and we need to do something about it.

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Glad to see more discussion sprouting from my little rant on Reddit.

The focus on my post was about the distros’ official social media accounts, in order to guarantee they pass a professional image to an unaware user and to generate user interaction in order to reach a new user base, but the Linux community at large is completely free to engage as we wish when it comes to separate channels.

Of course, if you’d like to contribute to our marketing team with ideas feel free to join our Matrix channel too, we’d love to have more engagement with our decisions.

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