TLP vs power-profiles for Intel laptop

So I have a Dell Latitude 5520 with an Intel i5-1145G7 and was wondering what would be better for my battery life, tlp or power-profiles. Battery life on Fedora is probably 50-65% of Windows. I’m getting about 4-5.5 hours depending on tasks and intensity.

I’ve been reading the forums here, info from the arch wiki, the frameworks website, and other forums around the web, and the data is a mixed bag. So I was hoping to get some user feedback for people with similar hardware/chipsets that have made the switch and how it was. Reading around here, it looks like quite a few people had issues with the XPS line and 11th-12th gen Intel chips. While I can say that my battery life is pretty good (for my experience with Linux), it is pretty off the mark from Windows still. I’ve tried tlp before on Lenovo + AMD Ryzen 3 hardware, and had okay results, but constantly had issues with my bluetooth. No bluetooth issues with power-profiles.

So what do you guys think? Which solution provides better battery management for Intel hardware? Are there any negative drawbacks that you’ve experienced?

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Just install and try it.

On TLP you may want to disable USB autosuspend as its often broken. The defaults are good otherwise.

You need to disable ppd to use TLP, otherwise it may interfere.