Tiny Firefox Window After Resume from Suspend/Unlock

Happens to me from time to time: when I resume from suspend and unlock the screen I am greeted with a tiny Firefox window like this:

This is F36, running Gnome on Wayland.
(I think that this only happens when Firefox is not maximized)

I remember similar issues in the past with KDE running on Wayland, but this one is rather new to me.

Any ideas where this comes from and how to solve this?

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I’ve seen this happen before and the problem eventually went away for me, but I’m not sure what caused it and what resolved it.

Hm, was thinking that it could be related to my Large Text setting under Accessibility.

Firefox shows another strange behavior here:
If geometry is large enough (meaning that it is almost taking whole screen) and you close it and start it again, it will shortly come up with same geometry before jumping into full screen. A double click on the title bar make Firefox come back to desired geometry.