Timezones to list on mouseover

I just discovered a cool feature where if you use markdown to enter a date in a format like this

[date=2021-01-07 time=16:00:00 timezone="America/New_York"]

that renders as:


and when you mouse over, it’ll show you a list of converted timezones. That list defaults to New York, Los Angeles, and Paris — handy but not particularly global. What should I add?

It needs to be TZ database names, so we’re constrained by the official list of cities. (Sorry Brno and Boston — it’s Prague and New York for you!)

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Oh, I should add: you don’t have to remember the format because there’s a little icon on the editor bar that will construct the right format for you.

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Psst, @mattdm! Add this to @bookwar’s wiki thread, it is a super useful tip! I didn’t know this one either:

Sure, done! I still am hoping for some suggestions of world times to add!


I’m not 100% sure which ones are enabled now, but I suggest these based on where folks I often collaborate with are located:

  • Asia/Kolkata
  • Europe/Tirane
  • America/Santiago
  • Australia/Brisbane (looking at @ryanlerch) :wink:

I had Kolkata, and now I added the other three. Unfortunately it seems to order them by order added, so next time I am bored I will remove and put them back in East-to-West-from GMT order.

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Okay, so these are in order now. @jflory7, does Tirane have different Daylight Saving Time rules than Paris? Because otherwise it’s the same I think? (And if so I’ll probably replace it if there’s a request for something that doesn’t have coverage yet…)

Can you add Europe/Moscow?

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They are the same. :+1:

Okay, I’ve replaced Tirane with Moscow.