Thunderbird window manager crash


I am using Fedora 38 on a work laptop (Lenovo). Using Thunderbird installed from the official RPM package and of course fully up to date.

When I move Thunderbird onto a dock-connected screen, the window manager around it will sometimes lock up and I am not able to resize the window anymore, but the app itself works fine.

Lately I’ve also started noticing that the new email window when sending, sometimes comes up black with no window border at all (so it cannot be resized), but if I switch back and forth between windows it works fine and is normally usable (other than being unable to resize it).

I think the way I’m using these apps is pretty standard, but the issue has been present for some time and updates have not fixed it and I can’t find any similar issues using search. Am I doing something not as intended?

Should I be using the flatpak version? I don’t want to, but if it’s what is intended to be used I will. I understand the issue has something to do with hardware acceleration, but I really don’t want to turn that off as Thunderbird is one of the primary apps I use at work and I don’t want to unnecessarily burden the system.

Should I report a bug?

Thanks for any help.


Fedora 38 will become EOL in another couple weeks. A bug filed against f38 would be wasted.

Instead you should consider first upgrading to either f39 or preferably f40 then worry about how TB will work on the newer and currently supported release version. It is quite likely that any issues you are seeing now may have already been fixed.

Looks like the issue is indeed resolved in Fedora 39.