Three finger gesture does not work properly when i enable tap to click in settings

I have encountered a problem with my laptop since I installed Fedora 36 for the first time. When I enable the “tap to click” option in settings, it works as intended. However, the three-finger gesture does not work as smoothly as before enabling tap to click. Previously, I could easily move between workspace with a three-finger swipe, but now I have to place all my fingers on the track pad before it responds. I have been searching for a solution, but so far, I haven’t found one. Should I create an issue on GitHub or is there another possible solution? Thank you!

Fedora 36 is End of Life. You might consider to upgrade to F37/F38

Yeah and i have upgraded to fedora 38 and the same problem is still there.

Had the same issue on one of my older laptops. I attributed this to the rather small touchpad size, though even on bigger touchpads I sometimes had the same issue.
There are a few bug reports that might help you to do some troubleshooting (e.g. Touchpad swipe problems (#3784) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab)

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