This week's publication schedule

In last week’s meeting, we agreed to schedule asynchronously.

As this week’s Editor of the Week, I’m going to schedule the posts that are ready to go as follows. If you object, please comment below!

  • Wed 14 Oct: Web of Trust, part 1
  • Fri 16 Oct: systemd-resolved: introduction to split DNS

Web of Trust, part 2 is also ready, and we’ll tentatively plan to schedule it for Monday, but that’s something we can discuss in Wednesday’s meeting.

I went ahead and scheduled Web of Trust, part 2 for Monday since there’s nothing else ready.

The article on Butterfly Backup is ready so I am scheduling it for Wednesday this week.

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Awesome, thanks Stephen!

Just thinking, should we pin this to the top of our discussion area?

Not a bad idea Stephen. I’d say, go for it and if it’s not useful in the long run it can always be unpinned.

Is it possible to delete old posts so that only the most current and relevant information shows up in the thread? If so, this might make a nice place to track the schedule. The Taiga board doesn’t show the currently scheduled articles in a concise way.

I think it is, but I haven’t deleted any myself. It would be great if we could just have a calendar that stays current and at the top comment, ie the current date/week. Then we just slot in the taiga card number on the date, or something like that. Not very descriptive, I know, but the idea is sort of understandable.

There are two Discourse features that can help here.

First, we can use the Calender plugin — a calender in the first post, and replies with time markup in them become events. See “This is a test of the calendar feature, for my own amusement” for an example.

Second, we can set the category replies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. That’ll clear out any old noise:


Should we set up a thread like that (or edit this one into being such a thread)?

I’m not sure that’s particularly helpful, unless we can either automate the data to keep it in sync with the Taiga cards or change our workflow to not use the Taiga due dates. Unless we’re going to do the second option (which is just feasible enough to be tantalizing, but I think would be a bit of a mess in practice), I’d rather push Taiga to add a useful calendar view (like Trello has).

Otherwise, we’re manually keeping information in sync in three places (Taiga cards, Discourse, and WordPress).

So, if this post isn’t being kept up to date, it should probably be unpinned. I didn’t look at the actual date. :slight_smile:

I definitely don’t want to try to keep three things in sync manually. That said, the current workflow requires entering the dates on Taiga, running a python script to retrieve the dates from Taiga, then copy-and-pasting the python script’s console output into IRC (and repeating the whole process when I inevitably get the dates off by one in Taiga’s poor calendar interface). I think there might be room for improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:

My idea of what would be ideal would be to have a bot on the matrix channel push the agreed-to events to a magazine events calendar hosted here on discourse. Maybe with a command like #sched 555 monday. I’m not sure if bots would be able to do that sort of thing though. I’ve never programmed a bot.

I don’t think Taiga’s calendar is really “used” other than as a really odd way to feed information to IRC via an intermediate python script. So, personally, I wouldn’t miss it if we switched to something else.

Just my two cents,

Bots can definitely do that sort of thing. Although someone would need to make them.