This way of working is not acceptable to me

I have just discovered that my Quick Docs workflow is broken. Obviously as a result of
Could/Should we please protect the quick docs repo so that all ….

That is not acceptable for me and my way of working.

  • We have a “Docs Board”, it cannot be that whoever takes such measures without a consultation and decision of the “Board”. That’s what it’s there for.
  • It is unacceptable that people who have not been involved in the discussion of the Docs Team nor the team meetings for months are apparently hijacking a repository and destroying the workflow of people who have been systematically working for months to update and improve QD.
  • And this with the claim of wanting to promote discussion, but themselves participating neither in the discussion nor in systematic work to improve the situation for months. And then to impede those who have invested a lot of work over the months.

I am saying goodbye to the collaboration on Fedora Docs, at least until a reasonable work organization is secured.

Bye bye

@pboy I’m very very sorry that I’ve upset you here. I did not intend to do so. I apologise. Please undo the change and fix your workflow—I would’ve done it already if I could. You should not stop contributing to the project because I jumped the gun on a decision and took initiative hastily. It’s completely my fault and I will not let it happen again.

Please, accept my apologies and let’s move on from this in a way that’s best for the docs and the community.


Hi, thanks for your patience. Due to a big backlog I couldn‘t manage to answer earlier. Anything is ok now again. And please understand if I am somewhat sensitive to such changes. I have changed a lot of QD in recent months and spend a lot of works in order to realise our decided planning. And a lot is yet to come. A PR workflow would significantly increase the effort, which is already large enough.