This forum: add an "unanswered" category?

not sure who manages this forum.

I think to remember, that there was a possible tab to show unanswered threads, this would be useful to help people :smiley:

I think I saw this in another Discourse instance

On the Desktop website you can sort by answers, but this is not there on mobile

I always do “click on new” and sort by 0 answers. :slight_smile:

Ok sorry … I saw you look for mobile version.


A bookmark to would help?

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From Project Discussion to Site Help & Feedback

Added idea and removed websites-and-apps-team

good suggestion, but using the PWA this also doesnt work

Roughly, “me, with some other people with a lot of latitude”. I’ve been taking a “opinionated but listening to feedback but really a dictator” approach to forum config and decisions (see various threads here in Site Help & Feedback — which is the place for this kind of discussion). However, the plan is to create a Discussion SIG with interested people + get more official moderators (both site-wide and per-category). I just have been in the ironic situation of being too busy to set up the framework for help. :classic_smiley:

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If you go to Ask Fedora, you should find something like this:

He is looking for topics with 0 Answers. Unsolved means just no solution marked yet.


Oh, I see. That can be done with a search query like this:

Actually, this might be better:


  • #ask:none posts in Ask Fedora (but not subcategories like Common Issues)
  • status:single_user which have only one person posting to them
  • status:unsolved and which are not marked “solved”
  • order:views sorted by number of views

We could add a link to this in the Start Here section — something like “Looking for posts thtat need attention?”


I think this would still not be shown on mobile.

Was I wrong that this category exists in discourse?

There’s no category for it — a Discourse category is a specific thing, and the concept of an “unanswered category” doesn’t really fit (without some automation to move things to a different category once they’re answered).

We could add some UI element which provides that link, but (especially on mobile) I’m not sure where we’d put it. including it in the Start Here docs would at least make it easier for people to learn about and perhaps bookmark.