Things to do after install Fedora Kinoite & Silverblue

Article Summary: As mentioned in the topic of the article, we will talk about the basic things to do after a clean install of Fedora Silverblue and Kinoite. You know, there is such an article for Workstation, but it is not available for Silverblue and Kinoite, so I am here with such a thought.

Article Description: The titles of the article will be as follows. I’m still writing right now, it’s not over yet. My native language is not English so maybe I need help with grammar and other subjects.

When we say Fedora, the first operating system that comes to mind is Fedora Workstation. However when it comes to immutable OS’s, we should definitely mention Fedora Silverblue (featuring GNOME desktop) and Fedora Kinoite (featuring KDE desktop). Both of them are based on same technologies like rpm-ostree, podman and created exclusively from official RPM packages from Fedora. In this article, we will talk about the basic steps you can take after clean installations both Fedora Silverblue and Kinoite.

  • 1-) Configure DNF
  • 2-) System Upgrade
  • 3-) Adding Flathub and Other 3rd Party Repositories
  • 4-) Install Nvidia Driver
  • 5-) Install Essential Flatpaks
  • 6-) Setup Toolbox
  • 7-) Layer Some Packages
  • 8- ) Gaming Configuration
  • 9-) Extra Things
  • 10-) Conclusion

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I’ve opened card #84 for the article. Feel free to ask question via comments on the card if you have any.

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@rlengland I’ve almost finished the writing part. All that remains is the cover photo and the content photos. Finally, I need your help on grammatical errors or parts to be corrected/added/deleted. Also the headline will be ‘’ Things to do after installing Fedora Silverblue and Kinoite ‘’ :blush:

The editors can give you a hand with brushing up any grammar or usage issues as well as the cover photo.
When you have the article in the Fedora magazine WordPress site you can add any photos there.
Leave a link to the WordPress preview in the Kanban ticket #84 when you are ready for us to review the article and add the cover photo. You can log in to the WordPress site using your FSA account.

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