Theme Installed on Firefox 88 Does Not Start

Hi guys! I installed the theme extension Windows 10 Theme in the browser, however after every initialization of it, either by restarting the system or by restarting the browser, the theme is not loaded.

Don’t use it :smiley:

Start the Firefox in terminal, there you get some more messages.
Use command like this: /usr/bin/firefox %u

Sorry, but i don’t understand your orientation :thinking:

You installed a Firefox Theme for beautifying you Firefox ? If yes do you have a link to that theme ?
Like this for example:

Yes…Perfil de usuário de Zé Galinha – Extensões para o Firefox (pt-BR)

Ok, it looks like there is something wrong. Themes and extensions generally are not a part of the Software. There are made by persons outside of the software team and can be with bugs. So if you really need to use this Windows 10 theme search an other, newer one or check with the programmer who made it.

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