The way dates are displayed is confusing

It doesn’t look like it.

I don’t see anything in the default discourse settings.

It may be possible with a plugin or some other more advanced customization.

Yeah, it is definitely something only a site admin can check.

@hhlp what would be our options to set this globally?

Yes, I am admin on other discourse forums so I took a spin through the settings and didn’t see anything.

While I am not an admin, I must say that the date display can certainly be confusing.

I recently had an instance where the ‘year’ was interpreted as ‘date’ when I made a post. The mon 'YY can easily be read as mon DD if one fails to note the ' in the first.

I really think that something should be worked out where the admin has an option to select how the date is displayed and then the system we use be changed to make a more significant distinction between 'YY and DD in the display. Jun '21 & Jun 21 can be difficult to distinguish as different to the casual glance.


This might be worth to test:


Here is how it is currently set. I’m not sure exactly why, or for that matter in what order these are applied. (The format strings are documented here.)



I think that making it be Aug 2021 vs Aug 25 would resolve the basic problem noted. If someone figures out how to do that let me know. :slight_smile:


I you sure that applies to those dates?

That looks like the settings for plugins. :thinking:

replacing 'YY with YYYY to get the full year


I’ve applied @ilikelinux research thx for that but need some tweaks in your $USER preferences don’t mentioned in the original TOPIC which I’ve described below:

[Aug '2021] → references to first post


[Aug 25] → references to the next post


cc: @mattdm


Under your $USER preferences, please Select

Profile → Region → United State


if we are in multi-region, please ping me to change it in at least the most usual Region, for example es, it, uk, de, ch

Notes - Workaround

if you’ve had an intermitent mixed of dates (YY) and (YYYY) clean your cokkies and cache only for this site


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Shouldn’t the ' have been dropped as well?

Instead of Aug '2021, Aug 2021


I’m not quite sure about it but I’d rather leave it as the system defaults…

Isn’t the ' used to indicate a 2 digit year? It seems even more strange to me this way.

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  1. @dalto Is a kind of separator althought I don’t know what dark science with HTML or CSS is behind that apostrophe
  2. another thing, @mattdm would you like to apply the same on


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Thanks @hhlp to helping out with this format issue.

As I see in the instructions it seams to be java-script or at least definition for variables in java-script.
It also contains some html, example MMM D, 'YY <br/>LT (see js.dates.long_date_with_year_with_linebreak)

You just have to be careful that you not brake the html while missforming a html-tag.
It seams that this happened now. Normally it is possible to click on replies views and activityto sort the topics. Now the hover link is broken.
You can check on while click on latest and hover over the rows “replies views & activity”

Please verify if you replace 'YY with YYYY and let everyting else in tact. It could also be that the ' now makes trouble because of being obsolete. Spaces in and around html tags are quite inportant too.

If you copy and paste, you have to be aware that here in discourse we use html. If you copy and paste formatted text for example, you get unwanted characters when coping direct.

Instructions about what to replace:
Show post Year? - #3 by DeanMarkTaylor - feature - Discourse Meta

search for 'YY which will list:




MMM D, 'YY <br/>LT

Edit and adjust those replacing 'YY with YYYY to get the full year.```

Screenshot from 2022-10-20 22-25-38

Please see mouse pointer on both screens (link replies):


I do use this function regularly to sort and see if there are unanswered questions.

Would be great if this is available again.

  1. I don’t know @ilikelinux, this behaviour is a consecuence by enabling this discourse-calendar plug-in in the site:

by this reason:

when sorting by start event date is enabled, then sorting by other means should be disabled.

This is the comment in discourse:

  1. I think we need ask to @mattdm about this, Do we realy need this plug-ins enabled by default?

  2. What will be the consecuent to disable it?, in reason to usability or continuing disabling

  3. Is this functionality like discourse meta does, really necesary on the site?



the fix is in


Nope, we can turn it off. I was experimenting with it – it has some neat features, like staff being able to mark themselves on vacation. But it is very rudimentary.

RIght now, we are using it over on the other site for updates to the Council meetings and to announcing Fedora Social Hour times and dates. But we could do that a different way.

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we can do the same with this plug-ins and are more with this rich plug-in:

of course we’re on hosting so no plug-ins installation available, but take in count when we will merging both sites… so IMHO, this is the right plug-in to do the task you mentioned before and more.


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