The State of Personal Computing (Forty Years Later)

Hello All: I published a blog in Sept. 2021 entitled: “The State of Personal Computing (Forty Years Later)”. In that blog I talk about how personal computing has evolved from the early 1980s to today and how Linux plays a key role at making sure that freedom and ownership will continue to flourish. I’m not sure if it’s something worthy to have as an article in Fedora Magazine or not, but I figured I’d inquire. Do let me know your thoughts.

It’s especially timely given all the conversations and legislative discussions underway across the country nowadays as it applies to Right to Repair and Privacy.

It’s not a bad topic. But I don’t think we really want to replicate content from other blogs. Also, I think the readers are mostly interested in the actual software and “what’s new” rather than more philosophical content about the movement.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know @glb, I was there in the beginning, playing with this toy called an Apple Machintosh clone, that I was building at the board level for my employer. I remember the early operating systems such as CPM, which was used on Siemens industrial programming terminals. There are a lot of the things in use today that you can draw a direct lineage from those early days. Having said all of that, this is the tendency of the aged to reflect with nostalgia on the road so far.

I don’t think this should be an exclusion criterion in general. Obviously, I can’t speak about others, but I personally would read such articles as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I agree with the other points and don’t mind the decision in this particular case.

@kpkeller If the decision is not to add it on the Fedora Magazine, could you add a link to the original article here in this thread? I think the topic fits perfectly for the Water Cooler forum.