The site always Initial Cap the first word of the subject

Just discovered that even when I enter the subject with the first character in lowercase, after posted it is being auto-correct to Uppercase.

‘t’ in the begining word “the” is enter as lowercase in this post.

Can you give a case where that’s a problem?

Like when I want to use:

vnet0 state is UNKNOWN → it became Vnet0 state is UNKNOWN

But in Linux, vnet0 and Vnet0 are two different items.

The site is designed as a general discussion forum, so the idea of the topic header is to give a short summary of the issue, not to directly quote the error message. So, you could use “Help with vnet0 state: UNKNOWN” or something of the sort and then provide details in the actual description section of the topic.

(Even if you don’t, having Vnet0 capitalised in the topic is not going to confuse folks: but I’d ensure that when explaining in the description we use the correct formatting tools when noting errors etc.)


As long as it is the desired behaviour, that is ok then.

I don’t see an admin setting about it, so I assume it is in-built.

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Thanks for looking into it.

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Is like when you type something on a mobile, the first letter is always capital…


Yes, exactly. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

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