The power/sessions in fedora kde are buggy

Hello, i’m new here, I recently start to use fedora and i’m happy with but the power/sessions are buggy, one of this bugs it’s the dim screen, don’t do the dim, it display the display options and in the suspend option, the screen can’t turn on, meanwhile the O.S. is already wake up. So please what I can do for?

machine info: asus acer aspire 5 (A515-43-R19L) (AMD Ryzen 3 3200U & 8 GB DDR4 RAM).

Well, if someone have the question yet, the problem is the ACPI, isn’t in the standard form or in the wrong form you need to know where is now the ACPI states and modify the suspend state in the config file, check System Sleep States — The Linux Kernel documentation.

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