The email cannot be connected to the account

whether in Evolution or online account or other email software

Hi @shameless , welcome to the forum.

Could you provide more details please? What e-mail account are you trying to connect? Is this the error you are seeing, or is the exact error something else?

Thanks first, I’m not good at English. I use a Chinese email called 163. When I logged in to Evolution, it says: “Unable to select a mailbox: SELECT Unsafe Login. Please contact for help”. So I contact the 163 email customer service. But she said that my email account was normal. And I try to log in to the online account in the system settings. it says: “An error occurred when connecting to the SMTP server, and the response information could not be parsed.” The error message may be a little inaccurate, I translated it from Chinese.

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Hrm, that’s odd. Not sure—I use Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo without any issues. I see this post which reports the same error, but I don’t know how to do this for evolution etc. Perhaps an upstream issue needs to be filed (if one isn’t filed yet, I haven’t checked):