The best contemporary culture analogy to Silverblue

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Silverblue (and coreOS) and what they are, what they are trying to become and the difference between the two.

In the process of this I’ve been looking for some kind of cultural reference to analogize Silverblue to. The first thing I thought of was an onion, you have the base, then layers and layers on top of that base. Then, I thought of Voltron, but the black lion isn’t really the core, its just a part. The International Space Station is much closer to the kind of analogy I’m looking for. However, its not something the average layperson would really understand.

Can you think of a better analogy?

Are there not simply two layers: one layer with the base image (which itself can be layered) and a second layer that contains all the flatpak applications? Both layers move on there own speed.

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Thinking more about it - silverblue could be analogized to a person and their wardrobe. The person is the immutable, core part of the system. It doesn’t change depending on what you put on or take off. If you need to tell the time you can add a watch. If its cold, a heavy jacket. If its raining, you can add an umbrella. But, once you remove the item, it doesn’t leave behind anything on the immutable, core part of the system.

When I think of SilverBlue or CoreOS. I basically think of the Earth and the layers/shells that it’s composed of. Also if you look at the CoreOS logo it looks similar to a diagram of the Earth’s layers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Plus, because outside is an ever changing place we build buildings to control the environment in which we contain ourselves and our activities.

aka Flatpak