Thank you and congratulations, everyone!

This isn’t a big story, but I wanted to celebrate it a little bit.

I was talking to someone at the Fedora booth at FOSDEM, and they told me that they really appreciated how friendly and helpful our community is. They said that they were able to find answers and get help easily at this site, even for questions they were worried would be dismissed as dumb or too basic.

That’s awesome — helping people with technical problems is hard, and keeping patience and giving a warm welcome can be even harder. Take some time to be proud of yourselves, everyone. :classic_smiley:


i just installed fedora yesterday, and wow the community is very friendly with the (almost no) probles that i have


It’s always great to see our efforts being recognized! :blue_heart:

I guess most of us have been there - thinking twice (or more) before submitting a “dumb question” :wink: But in some time we start helping others " <> and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." (C) JFK :wink:

Appreciate you shared feedback.