Text editor opens a file in its older version in F37 Beta

A text file was once edited with vim. Then when it is opened with Text editor, it is in its much older version. What’s the problem?

I’m using F37 Beta.

Hi @wuqso , there’s not enough information here for one to be able to say what may have gone wrong here. Could you please provide more information? Have you checked the file modification/access times using ls -lash for example? Was the file saved correctly after editing with vim etc?

Thanks for your reply. The file modification/access times are correct and the file was saved without mistake. The snapshots are shown as follows.

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Hrm, well, the two directories that you’re using here are different. The first shows ~/Documents/linux/system and the second shows ~/Documents/linux/systembak. So the two files are not the same.

To make the obfuscation you did with those images easier you could just use cat to see the content of the text file then copy&paste it into the post while using the </> preformatted text tags available on the toolbar above. Then you could edit the text in the post as needed.

Doing posts this way is easier for us to read & respond to as well as simpler for you.

Oh, I see. Thank you very much! That’s really a stupid mistake. :hot_face:

No worries, I’ve done that many a time :smiley:

I’m just glad this isn’t a bug after all—it would be a really difficult one to debug :slight_smile: