Text Editor app is missing after upgrading from Fedora 34 Beta to Final release

I usually used it as a plain notebook, not for writing codes.
I tried to find it in Software but it’s not in over there.
How can I bring it back or what could substitute it?

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Do you mean gedit ?

I can search for gedit in Software, or it can be installed via dnf by
sudo dnf install gedit


This should not happen—the final release should not remove packages unless there are broken dependencies. I was on Beta, and updated to Final too. I’ve not lost the “text editor” package here.

Can you please paste the output of:

rpm -q gedit

Hi @afdrnk : did you solve your issue? Can you please comment how so that it could help others who may experience it too?

I misunderstood for the icon name on the screen of gedit is Text Editor, so I deleted gedit in Software.
But when I went to see in another notebook, its app name is gedit and its default name on the icon is Text Editor.
I have reinstalled already.


Ah, makes sense. Thanks for letting us know.

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