Text based icons - calling for testers


I’m experimenting with a text-based icons set for Gnome and need some testers to give a feedback on how it’s to use. The basics icons are covered + plus some more. It may take some time to get used to it, but any feedback is appreciated.




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Version 0.3 is now avaiable. XFCE is now supported.

Ah, that’s pretty neat. I’ll give it a try!

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Jumped from v.0.3 to v.1.0 as it’s ready.


Version 1.0


Misc. fixes

Added: LibreCAD, Joplin, Mixxx, LibreOffice,

Added: Lightworks, Typora, tilix, Texmaker,

Added: VM, VBox, vim, nvim, k3b, kdenlive,

Added: olive, foliate, cointop, cockus Reaper,

Version 0.3


XFCE Support

Added: Category Icons

Added: Ardour, Atom, Audacity, Barrier,

Added: BlueJ, Blue Recorder, celluloid, gufw,

Added: Visual Studio Code, Ferdi, synaptic,

Added: Homebank, Handbreak, FreeCad, Mugshot,

Added: Gfeed, freeTube, gcolor, Break Timer,

Added: Remmina, telegram, MS Teams, Zoom