Texstudio icons missing in F30

So I installed texstudio in F30
In the top part of texstudio there are a lot of icons missing … Screenshot%20from%202019-05-11%2002-34-25
I found this old thread in askubuntu (themes - Some icons/symbols in TeXstudio are missing - Ask Ubuntu)…the problem seems to be the same but I cannot find the package that supposedly solves the problem.

dnf search libqt4-svg or dnf search libqt5-svg gives “No matches found”

Any help is appreciated.

puff I have the same Issue, Is a problem with the default color scheme, there are there but we can’t see:


  • Options
  • Configure
  • General
  • Change Classic for Modern

NOTE: The packaged between distro change their names…

The nearest package is qt5-qtsvg :

dnf search qt | grep svg

and is already installed…


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sudo dnf install qt5-qtsvg.x86_64 solved the problem for me.

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