Testing if a Moderator can create a Topic HERE!

I cannot create tags here as a Moderator @mattdm.

Thanks for checking! Since the way I have the site set up requires admin (the level higher than moderator) access to do some of the things to set up a tag properly, this is good because it means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally creating one with a typo.

I’ll try not to take

to heart. You know since I’m pretty good with that spelling grammar and syntax thing.

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Oh, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that the tag structure here is supposed to be rather formalized[1], and one thing I don’t like about Discourse is that if you’re a moderator or an admin, you have those powers at all times. For admins, that includes being exempt from the tag rules — I can create posts without tags where tags are supposed to be required, or create a #news tag in this category by accident, or similar.

Here’s my RFE upstream: "Regular mode" for admins and moderators (something like "sudo" for the UI, basically) - feature - Discourse Meta

  1. See How to request a new team Tag (or a Team Workflows subcategory) ↩︎