Testing Guitarix with the NAM IA model loader

I updated the guitarix package in the audinux repository to the version 0.46.0, to have the NAM IA model loader.
Then I made a test using the last TuxGuitar-1.6.3 too.
The first test: without a NAM model. Just using standard Guitarix plugins:

Then, I used a NAM model downloaded from tone hunter: https://tonehunt.org/

The model Marshall_JCM_800_2203 was used (JCM800 2203 - P5 B5 M5 T5 MV7 G9 - AZG - 700.nam) and a TubeScreamer from Guitarix.

I needed to increase the pipewire-jack buffer size to 256 to avoid Xruns.

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