Terminal Overwriting/Appending Characters


I have an issue that I am only experiencing on Fedora (31 & 32) on a Dell XPS laptop that I’m not even quite sure what to Google for to get help.

When I use gnome terminal or terminator, I will eventually have the current input line overwriting itself after some number of characters:

It seems to be related to another problem that I have where, when I use the up arrow to cycle through previous commands, after a couple of past entries, the commands will start appending to the line. In this screenshot, the red underline is from the previous command, the blue underline is from the command before that.

It seems like it may have something to do with the character codes that are being output from my keyboard, but it is so inconsistent that I can’t figure out where to start looking to change the appropriate setting.

Thanks for any help!

So I think this AskUbuntu thread may have had the solution. The color codes I was using needed to be escaped in \[ ... \]. Seems to be working so far!

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