Take the Fedora Annual Contributor Survey 2023!

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The Fedora Council wants to hear what you have to say! Take the anonymous survey now.

As before we are interested in the usage of tools and communication channels, your roles, your favorite apps and programming languages. This year we also specifically ask about the development mailing list.

The survey will run until the end of July. We will provide the initial results at Flock.

The survey is anonymous, but of course there is badge you can claim once you finish it.

You can find more details about the Survey in our documentation. There you can also suggest changes to the questions for the next year.


The Documentation link not accessible to me?

What is the definition of Contributor?

Here’s the link that works: Fedora Annual Contributor Survey Overview :: Fedora Docs (I just deleted the space (%20) at the end which is/was for some reason part of that link.)


What is the definition of Contributor?

As broad as it can be.

Basically since you are here - you already count :slight_smile:

In the Survey there is a question, which roles you consider for yourself, User, Developer, Designer, Documentation writer… And you can choose all that applies and add yours.


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