Tags for categorization


If this really catches on and becomes popular for all of Fedora, categories might not be the best way to (uh) categorize everything. So, I’ve enabled post tags. However, there aren’t any actual tags created yet. Discourse has the concept of “user trust level”. By default, you need to be at level 3 (“Regular”) to create tags, which makes sense because it’s easy to make a huge mess (which happened over at Ask Fedora).

But, since we’re new here, I’ve changed that down so that anyone with more than a tiny bit of time on the site (level 1, “basic”) can create tags. Let’s see how that goes, if it’s useful, etc. We can always raise that level later once a basic set of tags takes shape.


I’ve never used Discourse from an admin level, so I’m not sure if there is a way for you to auto-populate certain tags. I’ve spent a lot of time curating the tags on the Community Blog, so that could be a good place to start for ideas. You could sort by some of the most popular tags and go from there.


Yeah, there’s a whole thing with “tag groups”. I’ll take a look at the commblog tags – thanks!


And to take it another step further, the categories on the CommBlog could be a good place to start for categories, or at least, as opt-in for some of the sub-projects / teams there.


:+1:. I think that would make sense. Obviously we will want a Fedora CoreOS tag as well :stuck_out_tongue: