Tag „german“ not yet categorized as language tag

We had a first post in German on this site and I observed that it isn’t possible to remove the unlisted-language tag because one language tag is required but german isn’t recognized as language tag.

I’ll fix it. Thanks for letting me no. (PS: no need to tag @moderators.)

Ok, thanks. Looks like deutsch is the right tag, not german

Fixed. Won’t do in future.

What I should do is set up a report that notifies admins when there is a new post with unlisted-language. I’m subscribed to that, but it’s not always noisy enough.

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Yeah, that’s consistent with the other languages.[1] I added tag synonyms for the English names — you can use either one and it’ll redirect to the “canonical” tag.

  1. except Chinese, which is special case ↩︎