Tab completion of dnf presents error

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Hey All,

I am having an issue with DNF when I attempt to install packages. When I type out part of a package name I attempt to tab complete the application name. When I do I get the following error message:

_dnf_query_db:1: command not found: sqlite3

I have done some searching, however, I can’t really see what is causing this.

Thanks in advanced!

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When I see that error I am inclined to believe that you structured the dnf command improperly. Please post the actual line structure the way it was before you hit tab so we can attempt to reproduce what you saw.

I tried with dnf install sqli then after a tab it said sqlite then another couple tabs and it gave me a list of sqlite options to choose from.

Are you using zsh?

You’ll need to install sqlite for that to work. sudo dnf install sqlite