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Hello. I was trying to build mutter with this patch myself unfortunately after installing it and enabling the experimental features xwayland apps are still blurry. Did it work for you?

I haven’t actually updated to the Fedora 40 Beta, so I haven’t tested my build yet. But did you enable both experimental features?

$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer', 'xwayland-native-scaling']"

Yes I had them enabled. I also built gnome-settings-daemon with appropriate patch but it didn’t make a difference.

I managed to just get it all working!
I added instructions to taaem/mutter-xwayland-fractional-scaling Copr if you want to try this out.

Interesting. I will definitely try it out. How did you manage to make it working?

I had to rebase the mutter patches on the current state of the main branch, since they merged experimental vrr support there were some incompatibilities in the code and the experimental options.

If your interested the rebased patches can be found here:

Just spun this up on my Fedora 40 install and I just want to say THANK YOU for this Copr. Works absolutely perfectly. Steam and my games now properly see the full resolution of my 4K panel and even better, Steam’s baked in scaling actually means that it properly scales itself up on my 4K panel now as well so it actually looks sharp and not all fuzzy and awful like before.

Thank you again!

Hi! Congrats for your copr, it’s a very good idea. Is there any way to add Fedora 39 into the repository?

Greetings from France!


Thank you for this COPR. But there is a serious bug on my device since version 46.3. Gnome shell crashes every time I try closing any XWayland window. I noticed that it won’t be reproduced in ArchLinux, so I rebuilt the package with patch from AUR and fix it successfully. Could you please fix it (refer to AUR’s patches) or turn to AUR’s patches directly?

Yes, I had that issue too, thats why I temporarily downgraded mutter again.
But I wasn’t aware of these AUR packages, I rebased my patches onto theirs and for me the issue is now fixed.
You should be able to update normally now.

Thanks a lot.

I don’t think thats easily possible, since mutter 46 probably requires gnome-shell 46, which is not in the Fedora 39 repos and I sadly don’t have the time to include everything in this copr.

Furthermore, I don’t have the time and capacity to backport the patches onto mutter 45.