I’m trying a fresh 39 install on Cinnamon, and when I try to install the driver, I’m getting the
-nothing provides python(abi) = 3.11 needed by system76-driver…

I, too, have seen this on my Darter Pro 9.

Looks like last build on the project was 5 months ago, maybe reach out to the maintainer. I have had luck in the past using the buy me a coffee link on his website

It would be nice to update system76-power to latest git version, as it supports AMD Pstate now.

Thanks for the coffee :slight_smile:
Really appreciate this.
All packages are updated to the most recent versions provided by the system76.

  • System76-driver works on fedora 39.

I wonder if we should train up a bit on packaging to help out @szydell . Any documentation you can point us to?

Thanks so much!

Tom - System76 does not provide any documentation; only GitHub repositories.

The biggest help for me is testing and feedback. Without it, I am sometimes unable to find an issue.