Systemd-journal uses 100% of cpu while installing


I tried to install various linux distros systemd based and every single one of them fails because while installing the OS systemd-journal keeps consuming my cpu and disk space. I can’t change anything because the whole system becones unresponsive if i do, so i keep the default settings but while the installer is partitioning my disk systemd-journal keeps writing logs in it so it becomes impossible to install.

For quite some time I have been trying to switch from windows to fedora 35 but nothing I do seem to work, I already tried every sugestion that i could find online but nothing works because the system ins’t even installed so i can’t change any of the config files suggested.
I already tried other linux distros without systemd but i din’t like any.

So if anyone could help i would appreciate it.

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Can you provide some system info hardware.
If you can run in live mode inxi -Fxz will give some

Please edit your last post and enclose the data posted in the </> Preformatted text tags available on the top bar. That will restore the display to the same format you saw on screen when you ran the inxi command.