Systemd developers insult people on github



some examples

Christ, what’s next? You accuse us of controlling people’s minds with vaccinations we get directly from Bill Gates? And that systemd uses 5G to spread CoV-2?


I will block discussions here now, since I don’t think we need the input from the script kiddie peanut gallery here.

what you think?

I see a dev that is fed up with a barrage of rebuke and opinions :man_shrugging:

He isn’t wrong though. If folks take issue with the default then they really should be contacting the distro maintainer for not adjusting that like he said.


I think he is right about this being a distro issue, not an upstream one.

With the above response, might I ask the developers a question: has this project received any donations from Google?

And this was post he was answering with that, so I can understand why he was so upset/angry.

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If a project is open-source it does not imply that it is all for privacy and whatnot unless explicitly specified.

Also, in my opinion, open-source projects give people (among many other things) the ability to affect the development much more directly than with closed source projects. But, many people mistake this and assume they decide, while it is the developer/maintainer/owner who decides. And I’d get pissed too if somebody started questioning the value of my opinion in such a way.

It is the dev’s choice of what DNS they’ll use and giving everybody the means to change it should be enough.

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Systemd has a code of conduct, see to report it to other systemd members. Fedora has nothing to do with it

Note, that it also has “When interpreting the words and actions of others, participants should always assume good intentions.”, which works both ways


He’s grown a bit arrogant, and it comes out at times. This is clearly a
ridiculous default for a FLOSS project.

This is the sentiment you’d expect of proprietary software, not FLOSS.

Ridiculous default in what way?

This default is an insult to everyone using systemd, all of us. This is the
systemd developers choosing to ignore users’ privacy.

As was mentioned in the ticket, the defaults are to be set by the distro maintainers. Not everyone agrees with some of the more serious privacy enthusiasts. But with the ability to have the defaults changed this doesn’t matter.

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It does matter. 99% of users will never check that, and most don’t know that
systemd even has DNS capabilities. This isn’t something that only “more
serious privacy enthusiasts” should be concerned with, but anyone that
considers privacy in the least.

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Since you are so passionate about it, maybe you should look at this:

Maybe, if the concern has not already been raised, bring it up in this in order to prevent the eventual Fedora usage from accepting the default DNS.

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On the thread about that Change, myself and others suggested a different
option. Not having any default DNS servers when none are configured. Why?

When using DHCP, you’ll normally get DNS servers from the DHCP server. If you
don’t, that’s normally the desired effect, but may leave some users confused.
If you’re using static, and don’t configure any DNS servers, you likely don’t
want any DNS servers.

To address the DHCP scenario, more sane defaults would be something like
Quad9, which is supported by IBM.