System Theme on Geary

I’m a fan of the integration of desktop apps to GNOME’s UI design rules, and the email client I’ve found to be closest to this is Geary.

Is this a legacy app from GNOME’s perspective? I would like to have it follow the system theme (non-dark or dark style), but it doesn’t.

I’ve seen posts in this thread mentioning about Gnome Tweaks, but that can only change its theme permanently to dark, and not be system dependent.

Geary is still using GTK3, but a port to GTK4 is planned:

Even using GTK3, it could support dark mode via libhandy, but I guess it doesn’t.

As a workaround, you can use the Night Theme Switcher extension to change the GTK3 theme. The latest version (for F40) no longer supports doing that directly, but you can use the custom commands feature with gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme <THEME>.

This is good news. GNOME’s approach to managing contacts and calendar in separate apps is great, and an email client is the missing piece. Hopefully Geary will manage to take that place, and possibly enter the Gnome Circle.